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Una termocamera potente e compatta

Powerful, Compact Thermal Imaging System
The FLIR C3 is a full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed to be your go-to tool, whether your work is building inspections, facilities maintenance, HVAC, or electrical repair. Keep it on you so you’re ready anytime to find hot fuses, cold air leaks, plumbing issues, and more.
The C3’s must-have features include MSX® real time image enhancement, area maximum or minimum temperature measurement, and Wi-Fi connectivity – so you can quickly get to the job of finding hidden problems, sharing images, and documenting repairs.

Slim and sturdy enough to keep in your pocket, but with the advanced features you need to find potential problems, confirm repairs, and share the evidence with your client or boss.
• Light, slim profile fits comfortably in any work pocket
• Brilliant 3” intuitive touch screen with auto orientation for easy viewing
• Wi-Fi enabled for instant peer-to-peer image sharing
• Area measurement box measures hottest or coldest spot (max./min.)

Save thermal image JPEGs instantly, then conveniently adjust and analyze them later with FLIR Tools to isolate temperature measurements on any pixel and create convincing reports.
• MSX®-enhanced thermal images provide stunning detail to help you identify problem areas easier
• Radiometric image stores 4800 pixels capable of capturing thermal measurements from -10°C to 150°C
• High thermal sensitivity detects subtle temperature differences common in building applications

Affordable MSRP helps get this powerful tool into the hands of the people who can use it every day.
• FLIR Tools professional reporting software included – the industry standard in thermal image post analysis
• Streaming video via FLIR Tools, a feature not usually available on low-cost thermal camera systems
• FLIR’s unique 2-10 warranty, covering parts and labor for two years and the detector for ten

Specifiche tecniche generali

Risoluzione IR 80 × 60
Sensibilità termica <0,10 °C
Campo visivo 41° × 31°
Distanza minima di messa a fuoco Termica: 0,15 m (0,49 ft)
MSX: 1,0 m (3,3 ft)
Frequenza immagine 9 Hz
Messa a fuoco Fuoco fisso
Banda spettrale 7,5-14 μm
Display da 3” (a colori) 640 x 480 pixel
Orientamento automatico
Touch screen Sì, capacitivo
Download datasheet for more specifics
- Specifiche tecniche
- Scarica brochure

- FLIR i3/i5/i7
- FLIR E53/E75/E85/E95
- FLIR E30/E40
- FLIR E4/E5/E6/E8
- FLIR T420/T440
- FLIR T460/T660
- FLIR T530/T540
- FLIR T600/T620/T640
- FLIR Serie IRW
- Esempi di applicazioni
- Brochure
- Software

Catalogo FLIR
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Guida FLIR
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